Specialist MSK Physiotherapist
B2BPT Founder

I am a Specialist MSK Physiotherapist obtaining my degree from St George's University of London, with my postgraduate study being completed at the prestigious University College London. Prior to these qualifications, I was an international kayaker and had the pleasure of representing Great Britain at European and World Championship level.

I have worked in both the NHS and private sporting sectors. Within these settings I have worked with a variety of clients, from people who are +80 years and looking to improve their balance and mobility, to high performance athletes preparing to compete at the Olympic games. 

My treatment strategies are case dependent as I believe there is not one treatment approach that suits all, rather each person's pain should be managed individually. With this being the case, I have obtained qualifications and training within a number of areas to facilitate different treatment approaches. Such as, Acupuncture, Spinal Mobilisations, Sports and Deep Tissue Massage. I typically utilise these methods to support exercise based rehabilitation, to ensure that you get better in the short-term and maintain these results in the long-term.