• A 15 minute telephone call to discuss your pain and possible treatment

    15 min

  • A 45 minute consultation. Assessment, diagnosis and treatment.

    45 min

    55 British pounds
  • 30 minute appointment, for patients who have had an Initial Assessment

    30 min

    50 British pounds
  • 45 minute appointment. Assessment, education and treatment plan.

    45 min

    40 British pounds
  • 30 minute appointment, after you have had an initial assessment.

    30 min

    40 British pounds
  • An option to be assessed from the comfort of your own home.

    1 hr

    100 British pounds

To use your health cover at our clinic please follow these steps:

  1. Get a referral for Physiotherapy from your GP - (this is often but not always required).

  2. Call your insurance company to get an authorisation number.

  3. At the time of booking, please confirm your authorisation number, membership number and total number of sessions authorised. Please provide these details in the 'Booking Note' when booking online.

  4. Please clarify any excesses on your policy with your health insurance to avoid any unexpected charges.

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Our list of insurance providers is ever growing. Currently we are able to provide physiotherapy services under the insurance companies shown.

To utilise this option through your medical insurance we advise everyone check these specifics with their insurers:

  • Is there an excess on the policy?

  • Do you have to pay for part of the treatment yourself.

  • How much insurance cover is available?

  • Is there a set number of treatments or monetary limit? Please note that if your insurance company does not cover your treatment charges in full, any outstanding amount will be due from you.

  • Is the financial assistance provided for physiotherapy treatment alone or is it part of an overall sum for specialist services? This is important if a Consultant is involved or if further investigations are being considered.

  • Is there a time limit for the treatment to take place once started or an authorisation number has been issued?

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